Trixx Impersonator

Well I'm very excited to have my new  website up and running along with my killer new promo video ! My web set was created by Bryce Kuhlman Inc and my two promo videos were edited by Jordan Wright at Red Spade Productions they did an outstanding job on this project!!

So please visit the site, check out some pics, videos ,newspaper clippings and more.....

Another highlight recently was a message I got from a Mom in Ohio who saw my show last year with her little boy Drew,who has Downs Syndrome. She bought Drew my old DVD "All Fired Up" and he watches it all the time. Drew now knows all my moves, all the words I say in the show and all the words to the songs in my show. Drew's Mom sent me some videos of him performing along to my DVD and you can watch him HERE ! SO COOL!  I have had other parents send me the same type of thing and I think it's great, Im going to start saving them. So if your little kid rocks out to my videos please send me a short clip of it to . I sent Drew my new DVD and a signed poster and I will be in Akron performing at  The Funny Stop Comedy Club  July 16-20 where I also do a family show for the kids on Saturday the 20th where I know I'll be seeing Drew and cant wait!!

 What a compliment and a great feeling to see people get such joy out of my work!! Life is good!!

Rock On!!

Real Magic

So friday night at Lorelei there was this little girl named Kylie who just loved my show, got pictures with me and the birds after the show , she was very cute with here little Chuck Taylor style boot high sneakers , bandanna and temporary tattoos, Then a couple days went by and now it was Sunday, my one day off, I wasnt having a particularly good day so i went for a motorcycle ride to relax a little and for some reason I decided to stop at Lorelei which I NEVER do . I walked in and heard,"There he is" It was Kylie and her family. They were very excited and the Mom (Leah) told me that Kylie said she didn't want to go there for lunch unless the magician was there... and so i appeared. I said a quick hello and walked away.I noticed Kylie couldn't take her eyes off me so I decided to go back and do a few tricks for them. Kylie loved it, they took a bunch of pictures,we chatted and I left, feeling very good about the encounter. Later I got a FB message from Leah thanking me for making their vacation that much better. Well in this blog I want to thank them also, for making my day off that much better too! That's REAL MAGIC! making them smile ,laugh whatever and make myself feel better at the same time.... Good stuff! See pictures of the private magic show here.

Detective Trixx

So, Friday night after my show I was packing up and could not find my egg yolk silk scarf from my EGGMAN routine, Had everybody looking for it after the show.... nuthin! The next day I was watching footage from my video guy that I had working for me Friday night getting some audience shots for my new highlight reel I'm having made. And there it is , I see a little kid in the front row pick it up, he's playing with it the whole show , after the show he runs to his parents like "look what I got". all on video. When I saw the parents i remembered they all came up to me while I was setting up earlier that night and the boy said "I saw you at a party in Hollywood Florida a couple years ago". I remembered the party , the family are big fans/friends of mine, So i sent a short video clip via text to the lady and said " do you know this kid?"... "Yup it's my husband's boss' kid, My husband is down in the keys now to doing some work for them" LOL, So i called the husband and he contacted the family and I got it back! I gave them some posters and DVDs for the trouble, The kid didn't "Steal" it he just thought " what a cool souvenir" ... Nope! Busted..Fun detective work... It's all good. Two new baby doves hatched today too. that's it I don't need anymore!!!! Two more months til I hit the road!!!! looking forward to it, I've been doing six nights a week for 7 months straight ready for a change, two months on the road is perfect, then I'm ready to come home to keys and do it all again!!! Rock On. Trixx

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