home sweet home

Back home in the Keys after another successful East Coast tour. Touring was a lot of fun this year as I brought my girlfriend Ashley with me and got to show her a lot of the East Coast for her first time.It was fun showing  her where I'm from, Cape Cod. We went on a whale watch, went to the drive-in movies, I performed at the Cape Cod Festival of magic and lots of nice dinners on the Cape, Boston and everywhere else we

       But now its time to settle in to my 16th season performing here in the keys. Starting slow at 4 nights a week and will gradually get back up to six nights a week which I'll do for the next 10 months straight!!! with the exception of a couple little breaks, like going to Daytona Magic Convention in Nov.

     I've got a couple new routines in the show this year, SUGAR and Razor Bladez! So if you're a regular visitor or a Keys local be sure to check my schedule here and come out to see the new stuff along with my favorite classic routines like my bat Blizzard, Flyin' High and EGGMAN!! because of the new stuff I will be (semi) retiring my old drinking rouitne that ive been doing since I started performing stage magic and that got me sponsored by Budweiser back in the day!! (of course I'll bust it out every once in a while just to keep it in my head all though I dont think I could ever forget it as many times as I've done it.

I always say I'll try to blog more..... we'll see how that goes... ;)

Until then  ROCK ON \m/


Highlights of 2013 and Out with a bang

Well Well Well another year has flown by!! What a great year it was for me though. I am so thankful for what  my life has become and that my hard work, passion and dedication is really starting to pay off. So many great things this year, i dont know where to start so... in no particular order. here are some of my greatest moments of my 2013. 

First let me recall that on this day last year, I performed a private party for President Jimmy Carter that certainly shot me out of the gate with tons of momentum into 2013.

I had the best season in a few years here in the Keys doing my steady six nights a week for 9/10 months straight ( SOOO thankful for the reputation I have built here and for this steady work) .... then I hit the road.

I kicked January 2013 off with a very exciting gig!! after winning the stage competition twice at Myrtle Beach NC's Magic At The Beach convention (2010 and 2012), I was hired to perform in the Champions Of Magic Gala Show for this years convention and it was AWESOME!

 My 2 1/2 month tour was great this year , maybe a little long with too much time between some gigs, think i'll tighten it up this year and just come home to the keys and have some time off here at the new house I am renting and LOVING. ( I could certainly use the time to work on new material for my show). But the highlight of my 2013 tour was performing at Jeff McBride's Wonderground in Las Vegas, This year my Date fell on the day after Magic Magazine's convention "MAGIC LIVE" ended. So there were some very BIG names in our business there to see me. I got some killer compliments from Gaeton Bloom , Kevin James, and Teller from Penn and Teller. you can see my performance here

Another highlight was perfoming at my 25th! High School reunion !! 

 Then there was the very touching  Drew Jarvis story, A story of a huge fan of mine with Down's Sydrome in Akron OH that turned into a great and ongoing friendship. if you follow me at all you've heard/seen this already but to recap here are the Drew Jarvis Videos PART ONE  and PART TWO

then there was little Garrett, The 5 year old, local Key Largo boy that blew everybody away including me! by dressing up as ME for halloween and winning first place in his school costume contest and winning best original homemade costume at Burton Memorial Chruch's annual Pumpkin Pacth/ Trixx Show. Check him out here

 man what else?... I ran 3 or 4 5K's, stayed healthy and sober!! for another year!!!! Holy Crap!! That's enough.... 

This week is what we, here in the Keys call Hell Week!!! It's a VERY busy, touristy, money making week so Im Jammin this week and  2013,,,Im going out with bang!!!! 

Here's to another great year, continued health and success in 2014!

 remember: If at first you dont succeed, keep suckin' til ya do SUCceed !!


Vegas Baby!

Alright,,,, I have been home in the Florida Keys for a month now, after two and a half months on the road. I am settled back in to my regular gigs performing 5 nights a week but will be moving up to 6 nights in Nov and will do that for the next 9 months straight!!!  My previous blog showed the follow up to the Drew Jarvis story, but I failed to mention how nice it was spending time with my family and friends back home on Cape Cod too. Another highlight of my tour was performing at my... (clear throat..)... 25th high school reunion...Crazy man! but it was cool seeing old friends along with their spouses and kids who are all now AbrockAholics!! (new word for Trixx fans \m/ ;)

   The most exciting part of my time away from the Keys was my performance in Las Vegas NV. I was in Vegas for 9 days. I attended a killer 3 day magic convention put on by MAGIC magazine, saw lots of magic shows and met many new magician friends. The day after the convention was my show at Jeff McBride's Wonderground event held the third Thursday of every month. Many magic stars from around the world also stayed in town just for this event! So the room was packed with magicians I have idolized and studied for 17 years now!!

  I was so pumped and a bit nervous to perform for this room full of magic stars like Teller (from Penn and Teller), Legendary comedy/dove magician Johnny Thompsom, Gaetan Bloom,Kevin James (magician not comedian), Rudy Coby, Jan Rouven, Dan Sperry , of course Jeff McBride and many many more! (Thank you Dan Sperry for lending me your birds and props!).So yeah my adreneline was pumping and I know from past experiences that this can take over and ruin a show, but as Jeff McBride says .. "it's OK to have butterflies if you can teach them to fly in formation" lol. I refer to mine as bats not butterflies !! lol But guess what?.... I kicked Ass!!!! I rocked the house and guess what else? you get to watch it RIGHT HERE!! TRIXX LIVE IN VEGAS!!  ENJOY!


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